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Preventing reinfection and saving your tooth (again) with root canal retreatment

Root canal therapy has a high success rate exceeding 90%. Many teeth preserved with this treatment can last a lifetime with good oral care. However, it is possible for treated teeth to not heal properly. Symptoms of reinfection may arise. And they are likely familiar; you may once again experience pain, pressure, and visible swelling. 

Dr Bindu Kolli offers the retreatment for the previously done root canal at  SouthFork Dental office in Irving and Plano, Texas. The need for retreatment can arise days, weeks, or even years after initial treatment. Any time the innermost natural, remaining tooth structure is threatened by bacteria again, it can become reinfected. 

The reasons for earlier-stage root canal treatment failures include: 

  • Smoking or use of tobacco products that can interfere with healing
  • Chewing on hard foods or other behaviors that put excessive pressure on the treated tooth
  • Not restoring the treated tooth promptly with a dental crown, as the crown strengthens the tooth and protects it from further damage 

Our dentist, Dr. Bindu Kolli, provides guidance on how to care for your tooth after treatment and also for any potential trouble signs to watch for (that may warrant a follow-up call to our offices). Sometimes, anatomical anomalies may also be to blame for initial treatment failures. These anomalies can include the presence of narrow, curved canals or canal-related anatomical complexities. 

Later-stage failures or reinfection of the treated tooth can be caused by factors and conditions not limited to:

  • Potentially damaging habits and behaviors; here again, smoking, vaping, and other similar nicotine-containing products can shorten the “lifespan” of your treated tooth
  • Poor oral hygiene 
  • Worn or old restorations, which allow bacteria to seep into the tooth
  • Fractures, cracks, and new trauma or decay 

For the long-term health of your tooth, it is essential to routinely visit Dr. Kolli for “check-ups.” During these visits, Dr. Kolli will detect potential problems with your tooth and its restoration at the earliest stages. By detecting and intervening early, she helps you prevent further damage and even potential tooth loss. 

These exams are further complemented by professional dental cleanings. We use special tools and techniques to remove stubborn plaque build-up. Plaque is responsible for progressive decay and can lead to the need for additional restorative care. 

We encourage you to contact us with questions about your tooth, whether it’s been treated or not. Or, if you are due for a check-up, do not delay to get on the books! 

Call SouthFork Dental at 972-544-5446 or 469-535-6939 to reach our Irving and Plano/Frisco offices, respectively.

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