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Keep your natural teeth with gum disease treatment in Plano, TX

More adult teeth are lost to gum disease than any other condition. That fact is shocking, but the overall health impact of periodontal disease is even more concerning. The good news is that with diligent oral care, gum disease is largely preventable. If you have gum disease, effective treatment at Southfork Dental in Irving and  Plano, TX gets it under control and helps to protect your health.

Understanding the seriousness of gum infection

Gingivitis is mild inflammation of gum tissue. It occurs when bacteria are not cleaned from mouth surfaces with regular oral hygiene. Bacteria form a sticky plaque film that traps food debris. As the microbes eat, they produce acid excretions that inflame soft tissues. Plaque hardens into tartar at the gumline, causing further irritation. Indicators of gingivitis include receding gums, persistent bad breath, and bleeding when you brush or floss.

Without treatment, pathogens penetrate deeper, attacking connective tissues that anchor teeth. Eventually periodontitis dissolves bone, as well. Teeth get loose and fall out or must be extracted.

Meanwhile, pathogens enter the bloodstream through infected soft tissues, and are swallowed and aspirated. Bacteria that cause gum disease are linked to grave health issues including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cardiovascular disease (increased risk of heart attack and stroke)
  • Certain cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Premature births
  • Respiratory ailments

Effective gum disease treatment in Plano, TX

Patients from across the Plano and Frisco area trust Dr. Bindu Kolli to help them get gum health back on track. Treatment begins with a thorough regular dental cleaning, removing plaque and tartar from teeth. Then, deep cleaning (sometimes called scaling and root planing) is performed to remove bacteria from root surfaces, encouraging gums to re-establish a tight seal to teeth. Topical antibiotics may be applied to pockets around tooth roots or prescribed orally. In some cases, disease gum tissue is removed to promote healing. Local anesthetic and sedation are available for these procedures, to ensure your comfort during treatment.

Then, with good home hygiene, more frequent cleanings, a healthy diet, and smoking cessation, most patients maintain healthy gum tissues.

If you think you might have gum disease, please do not wait another day. Call 469-535-6939 for an appointment at Southfork Dental in Irving or Plano, TX.

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Meet Dr. Bindu Kolli

Dr. Bindu Kolli, DDS is committed to providing patients with effective care and personalized treatments. She graduated from The Tufts University College of Dental Medicine and has completed advanced training in comprehensive orthodontics and implants. Dr. Kolli's compassionate nature and her expertise in the field provide the Southfork Dental patients with the highest quality dental treatments in the area.

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