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Family Dentistry Plano, TX

Family Dentistry in Irving and Plano, TX, means convenient care at all stages of life

The definition of “family” has changed a lot in the last half a century. Family can now be any blending of young and old; yours, mine, and ours; male and female. One characteristic that does not change about family, however, is compassion. We naturally want those in our close circle to feel good and be happy. Dr. Bindu Kolli and her team at Southfork Dental make that a little easier for families in the Irving, Frisco, Plano, TX, areas with comprehensive family dentistry.

What is family dental care?

At Southfork Dental, family dentistry means caring for the oral wellness of patients all ages, with a comprehensive approach that puts everyone at ease.

We welcome the opportunity to start children on a lifetime path toward healthy, bright smiles. With a lighthearted approach we get older kids on board with dental treatment, too. “Tweens,” teens, and young adults face a lot of peer pressure with potential smile impact. As a mom herself, Dr. Kolli understands. She builds rapport that helps kids open up about these challenges, and provides solutions that keep their smiles shining.

In the demands of raising a busy family, adults may neglect their own oral health. Dr. Kolli and her team have your back with effective treatment for gum disease, and cosmetic enhancements to help your feel confident in business or social situations.

Seniors have special oral health needs, with more medical issues and medications. Dr. Kolli provides patient, compassionate treatment. Full denture service is available at Southfork Dental.

Benefits of family dentistry in Irving or Plano, TX

Here are some compelling reasons to have one family dental center for everyone in your household:

  • Convenience – We are happy to schedule appointments for several family members on the same day, to reduce travel and time off work.
  • Familiarity – We know your medical history and have your dental records handy. This can be a big relief if you ever have a dental emergency.
  • Family history – Many oral traits run in families. With that background, we can monitor oral development in children, and intercept inherited problems.
  • Lifetime care – Children do not have to switch dentists when they reach adulthood.

Are you in the Plano or Frisco area and searching for a “family dentist near me?” Call 469-535-6939 to schedule appointments for all your family members at either Southfork Dental office—Plano or Irving.

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Meet Dr. Bindu Kolli

Dr. Bindu Kolli, DDS is committed to providing patients with effective care and personalized treatments. She graduated from The Tufts University College of Dental Medicine and has completed advanced training in comprehensive orthodontics and implants. Dr. Kolli's compassionate nature and her expertise in the field provide the Southfork Dental patients with the highest quality dental treatments in the area.

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