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Preventive Dentistry Plano TX

Save your natural teeth with preventive dentistry in Plano, TX

Plano, TX dentist, Dr. Bindu Kolli, enjoys restorative procedures and denture treatment. But her primary goal is to help people keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. Preventive dentistry at Southfork Dental does precisely that for patients across the Frisco, Plano, and Irving area.

Why work to prevent problems?

When the mouth is functioning correctly, we barely give it a thought. When something goes wrong, however, it’s hard to ignore. Dental problems cause physical pain and emotional distress. Kids might have to miss school for urgent dental appointments. Most adults would rather spend time off work somewhere other than in the dentist’s chair

Repairs are more costly than prevention, too. Preventive dentistry will let you keep your teeth for a lifetime of comfort

Plano, TX practice makes preventive dentistry easy

  • Professional cleaning – Our dental hygienist uses special instruments to gently remove the buildup of harmful bacterial plaque, hardened tartar, and stains.
  • Examinations – Dr. Kolli completes a comprehensive evaluation of teeth and other oral structures. She may suggest X-rays.
  • Soft tissue screening – The Oral Cancer Foundation reports that about 53,000 Americans receive a diagnosis of oral or oropharyngeal cancer each year. The condition takes nearly 10,000 lives annually. However, the prognosis is good with early detection and prompt treatment. Dr. Kolli incorporates oral cancer screening into every checkup.
  • Guidance on home care – Regular visits are a great time to learn more about oral hygiene, including how diet affects dental health. You can learn about children’s issues such as pacifiers, oral development, and baby bottle tooth decay.
  • Cavity protection – Topical fluoride and dental sealants are painless techniques that significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay for children and adults.
  • Periodontal maintenance – Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Dr. Kolli works with you to keep the condition under control for improved oral and overall health.
  • Mouthguards – Clenching and grinding take a nightly toll on teeth, and sports injuries can be disastrous. Custom-fit mouthguards reduce strain and risk of trauma.

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Meet Dr. Bindu Kolli

Dr. Bindu Kolli, DDS is committed to providing patients with effective care and personalized treatments. She graduated from The Tufts University College of Dental Medicine and has completed advanced training in comprehensive orthodontics and implants. Dr. Kolli's compassionate nature and her expertise in the field provide the Southfork Dental patients with the highest quality dental treatments in the area.

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