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Retainers Plano TX

Protect your investment in straight teeth with retainers from Plano, TX dentist

Congratulations on the decision to have your teeth straightened with traditional dental braces or Invisalign invisible braces! You have made a terrific choice for improvement in appearance, oral health, and self-confidence. Now it is important to preserve the results with orthodontic retainers. Patients from Plano to Frisco and Irving, TX, trust Dr. Bindu Kolli at SouthFork Dental for this essential service.

Why Plano, TX dentist recommends retainers

Teeth are anchored in the jawbone with connective tissues and ligaments. Those fibers stretch slightly from the forces generated by orthodontic treatment. Though bone remodeling has occurred (you can learn more about this process on the Dental Braces page of this website), without further intervention, teeth will move back to their misaligned positions.

Children and teenagers are less prone to orthodontic relapse since their connective tissues are a bit more elastic than in adults. However, their bodies – including jawbone – are still growing. Facial bone in adults also continues to change as we age, so the use of a teeth retainer is necessary in either case.

At SouthFork Dental, every patient receives a personalized treatment plan. However, Dr. Kolli usually recommends:

  • Wearing a retainer around the clock for at least the first three months after braces come off or Invisalign is completed.
  • Then, depending on the type of retainer used, the schedule may be reduced to just at night, or night with some daytime wear.
  • Ideally, retainer use is continued throughout life, to keep teeth attractively straight and healthy.

Types of retainers

A removable retainer has wires that clip around a few teeth, attached to an acrylic base. This type of retainer slips into the mouth and is taken out to eat and for oral hygiene.

A bonded retainer is not visible when you smile or speak. It consists of plastic brackets adhered to the backs of several teeth, connected with thin wire. A special flossing technique is required in that area of the mouth, but otherwise, the method is very convenient – you do not have to remember to wear the retainer.

Don’t worry – Dr. Kolli will help you choose the type of retainer that will best protect your orthodontic investment. Call her at 469-535-6939 for an appointment in Plano/Frisco or 972-544-5446 for Irving.

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Meet Dr. Bindu Kolli

Dr. Bindu Kolli, DDS is committed to providing patients with effective care and personalized treatments. She graduated from The Tufts University College of Dental Medicine and has completed advanced training in comprehensive orthodontics and implants. Dr. Kolli's compassionate nature and her expertise in the field provide the Southfork Dental patients with the highest quality dental treatments in the area.

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