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A Root Canal Treatment Procedure Can Give You Relief from Pain

A throbbing toothache can bring your whole life to a stop! That pain you feel could be a sign of a tooth infection. Once an infection reaches the pulp of your tooth, it can cause massive damage to blood vessels and nerves, resulting in severe pain. The best way to relieve pain at this stage is through a root canal treatment procedure. You can come to Southfork Dental for root canal therapy if you live in Plano, Frisco, Texas, or neighboring communities. Dr. Bindu Kolli will evaluate your condition and determine if a root canal is the best treatment for … Continue reading

Plano, TX area patients can obtain root canal treatment with Dr. Bindu Kolli

When Plano, TX patients hear “root canal,” they automatically think of a painful, unwanted dental procedure. However, Dr. Bindu Kolli of SouthFork Dental is here to change the image of this treatment and help patients better understand the benefits of this restorative treatment. What is root canal treatment? Within the roots of a natural tooth is tissues called the dental pulp. This mass of tissues houses the blood supply to the tooth and includes the nerves to the tooth. When damage has occurred to a natural tooth and has reached the dental pulp, the nerves can send pain signals to … Continue reading

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