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Conservative, cosmetic composite fillings for cavities

Do you feel shooting discomfort when enjoying a sweet treat? Does it hurt when your teeth come in contact with anything cold? Do you have unexplainable stains on the surface of your teeth? You may have a cavity that requires treatment! As needed, our dentist at SouthFork Dental in Irving, Texas, Dr. Bindu Kolli, may recommend tooth-colored fillings to repair cavities. 

About fillings near me

A filling is designed to “fill in” the cavity or hole in the tooth. Such holes arise due to the process of decay. If tooth decay is not treated, it can erode the tooth and result in areas of degraded tooth structure. Fillings are a comparatively conservative way to restore the tooth’s strength, health, structure, function, and appearance. 

Fillings may be made from a variety of materials. Tooth-colored fillings are an appealing option for many individuals. They are made from a composite resin that is perfectly matched to blend in with the color of the rest of the tooth, as well as the neighboring teeth. The resin itself is a durable and BPA-safe plastic. The composite is formulated with fine glass particles to imitate the appearance of tooth enamel optimally. So the treated tooth looks natural. 

A filling may be appropriate for you if there is still sufficient tooth structure for the composite to hold on to; however, if the cavity is larger and more tissue has been removed, Dr. Kolli may recommend dental inlays, onlays, or full dental crowns instead. 

The process 

If we determine that a filling is the best way to build up and restore your tooth, the procedure is tolerated well with a local anesthetic. You won’t feel anything as Dr. Kolli removes the damaged tissue. Once your tooth is free of any decay and essentially is a “clean slate,” the composite is applied in layers. By using resin, we can preserve the utmost healthy tooth structure, as minimal tissue is removed to accommodate the filling. After the cavity has been properly “filled in,” the resin is hardened or secured to the tooth, refinements are made as needed, and the tooth is polished to a fine sparkle! 

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Dental decay does not go away on its own. It only gets worse. With prompt care, we can preserve your tooth and help you avoid the need for extensive restorative dental work. 

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