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Conservative, cosmetic composite fillings for cavities

Do you feel shooting discomfort when enjoying a sweet treat? Does it hurt when your teeth come in contact with anything cold? Do you have unexplainable stains on the surface of your teeth? You may have a cavity that requires treatment! As needed, our dentist at SouthFork Dental in Irving, Texas, Dr. Bindu Kolli, may recommend tooth-colored fillings to repair cavities.  About fillings near me A filling is designed to “fill in” the cavity or hole in the tooth. Such holes arise due to the process of decay. If tooth decay is not treated, it can erode the tooth and … Continue reading

Patients in Plano TX discovering tooth-colored composite fillings as an alternative to metal amalgam

None of us enjoy the prospect of having to visit the dentist to receive a filling. Not only do we all dread the discomfort of receiving a filling, but the appearance a metal filling provides can be unsightly. You need not worry about this any longer. Dr. Bindu Kolli at SouthFork Dental in Plano, TX provides tooth-colored composite fillings that are designed to match the shade of your tooth and are put into place with minimal discomfort. Composite fillings are quick Receiving a filling from Dr. Kolli is quick and you’ll not be able to believe how little discomfort is … Continue reading

The purpose of dental fillings in Plano, TX

Many patients have heard of dental fillings. They may understand that they are related to tooth decay. But what exactly is a dental filling, and what is its purpose? Plano, TX area patients who are interested in learning more about dental fillings are welcome to contact Dr. Bindu Kolli of SouthFork Dental to discuss this treatment. What is a dental filling? A dental filling is a treatment that is performed when patients have an area of decay in their tooth. Tooth decay, also known as cavities, can impact the tooth’s health. If they are left untreated, they can become substantial … Continue reading

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