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Always here for you! We accommodate emergencies the same day, offering prompt restorative care near me

Dr. Bindu Kolli and the team at SouthFork Dental have left no stone unturned when it comes to the comfort, safety, convenience, and overall experience at our offices in Irving, and Plano/Frisco, Texas. Our patients have great peace of mind; in the event of the “worst,” their urgent needs when will be accommodated promptly. Often, Dr. Kolli sees urgent cases on the same day. Additionally, she can provide restorative care for damaged teeth often during the same emergency visit. 

Getting to the bottom of an aching tooth 

Not all aches and pains can be attributed to the same cause or source. An accurate diagnosis is the first step in relieving your pain, swelling, and other potential symptoms for good. We can also get your tooth back to looking and functioning great – in a healthy manner. Just a few of the common “trouble signs” and their potential causes (and treatments) are listed below: 

  • Sensitivity or pain when biting down, especially on hard or crunchy foods and other items – Such “jarring” pain may be due to a crack, damaged dental crown (or other restoration), or a deep infection inside the tooth. Potential interventions range from repairing existing dental work to our painless root canal therapy (followed by a crown)
  • Lingering pain after consuming hot, cold, or sweet food/beverages – Does the pain last 30-plus seconds after coming into contact with these foods and drinks? If so, your tooth may have sustained severe damage caused by progressive dental decay. If an infection is present, we can get you on a course of antibiotic therapy. The tooth may need to be preserved and rebuilt with a dental crown, either on its own or after root canal treatment
  • Constant and intense pain – This is the type of pain that is so bad it interferes with your life. We never want you to go through that! And you don’t have to with our proactive services and prompt urgent care. When accompanied by facial swelling, this pain can be indicative of a severe infection or abscess. Without treatment, the infection can spread to other parts of the face, head, neck, and body. If the tooth is “too far gone,” we can perform an emergency extraction and will want to fill the gap left behind with a bridge or implant as soon as possible

Do not suffer! Call the offices of SouthFork Dental immediately. Our teams in Irving and Plano/Frisco, TX, can be reached at 972-544-5446 and 469-535-6939, respectively.

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