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Convenient, quality dental service for the entire family in Plano, TX

We at Southfork Dental understand that families have never been busier. Working parents are now adding to their hefty workload additional responsibilities of teaching children and caring for aging mothers and fathers. A mom herself, Dr. Bindu Kolli intimately understands the pressures multi-generational households are under. And she also speaks the “language” of children. With these considerations in mind, as a family dental service provider in Plano TX, Dr. Kolli offers amenities that set her offices apart from others in the DFW area.

The ultimate in convenience

You will notice something about many other dental practices; one day each business week those offices are closed! In many cases, you only have four days to choose from in each week for scheduling you, your parents, or children’s all-important dental appointments. It can be a tremendous challenge to try to align you and your family’s busy schedule within such constraints. Fortunately, Southfork Dental is available for an almost unheard-of six days each week. What is more, our team is very accommodating of family members’ visits. We make every effort to consolidate visits. So, you do not have to come back to our office several times for the professional oral care that is necessary to keep your household healthy.

Additionally, Dr. Kolli is quick to remind patients that we offer emergency dentistry. We are big advocates of same-day appointments and responsive care. Moments matter when it comes to, for instance, preserving and re-implanting an avulsed or knocked-out tooth. Likewise, when you are in tremendous pain, you deserve to get out of it promptly! So, you can be the best workmate, boss, caregiver, friend, and teacher possible. Plus, our prompt care truly, effectively resolves underlying disease, and is so much more than “symptom relief.” Our extensive, focused knowledge of and experience with treating oral conditions supports a confident, attractive smile, a great quality of life and wellbeing, and both oral and systemic health.

The best options that modern dentistry has to offer

The dental materials, services, techniques, and technologies available at our office present an exceptional value; for instance, digital X-rays and other advanced diagnostics provide a safe, comfortable, non-invasive, and precision alternative to earlier-generation radiography and imaging technologies. We detect problems and intervene early, before damage has progressed to the point where costly, time-consuming, and invasive treatment is necessary. Another example, Dr. Kolli designs, and places metal-free fillings made from tooth-colored composite resin materials rather than from metal amalgams that contain mercury, copper, tin, and other metal alloys. Ceramics and other non-metal materials are conservative to place, preserving maximum tooth structure, and they look and feel indistinguishable from healthy, natural tooth structure.

Quality dentistry for the entire family

Genetics plays an undeniable role in many medical conditions, including oral diseases. For instance, some families are “genetically susceptible” to gum disease. So many families trust their parents, children, siblings, and other relatives to us, that we get to know the oral traits that tend to run within these family groups. This gives us an advantage when it comes to monitoring and proactively addressing oral problems to keep the entire family smiling, happy and healthy.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment, or to coordinate visits across the entire family!

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