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Your child needs to visit the dentist sooner than you may think

Most kids in America don’t see a dentist until they are two years or older. This is much later than what is recommended by dental professionals. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends a visit to the dentist around the age of one, or about approximately six months after they get their first tooth. Dr. Bindu Kolli and her team at Southfork Dental in Plano, TX, encourage you to bring your child in as soon as possible for their first dental exam. Our clinic environment is welcoming and friendly to all children.

Primary teeth – more important than you think

Some wait until children are well past their toddler years to take their kids to the dentist. They believe that their baby is too young, not ready to go to the dentist, or that their child has not yet had enough teeth. The AAPD states that it is incredibly important for primary (baby) teeth to remain healthy and in place until they fall out naturally. Primary teeth are vital for the following reasons:

  • Primary teeth help children chew, which helps them maintain proper nutrition
  • They play a role in speech development
  • They provide a beautiful smile that allows your children to feel great about how they look
  • They help preserve space for incoming permanent teeth

Making sure your child gets dental care early will give them an advantage. Dr. Kolli views these early visits as a great opportunity to educate both parents and children on the best way to care for the child’s teeth.

Prevent future dental anxiety and fear

Bringing your child in at the recommended age will allow your child to build a relationship with their dentist. This fosters an experience that will allow your child to be comfortable and anxiety-free, instead of being afraid of the dentist, in the future. They may even enjoy going to the dentist! If you wait until your child is older, they may feel anxious or afraid of their first dental visit.

Dr. Bindu Kolli invites you to bring your children into the office today for a dental exam. Dr. Kolli develops a wonderful relationship with the children she treats, so they are as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible at the dentist. Please call 469-535-6939 today to set up an appointment.

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