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From cradle to golden years: Comprehensive care near me for the whole family

At SouthFork Dental, our teams are “like family.” And it is our true privilege to treat generations of families from across the Irving and Plano/Frisco areas of Texas. As a family-focused dentist, Dr. Bindu Kolli strives to see multiple family members on the same day, which adds to your comfort and convenience and makes for the most hassle-free and pleasant experience. 

Additionally, we welcome infants and young children! The earlier we can get your child into a healthy routine of regular visits to our office, the better. And you never have to worry about your teen “aging out” of our practice. We provide an all-important continuity of care. Our team keeps up with your and your family members’ evolving needs. And, when the time comes, we can even treat your children’s kids. It is not unusual for us to care for the unique needs of grandchildren and grandparents alike. 

So, we are here for new patients, the most “experienced” ones among us, and everyone in between with services/care not limited to the following: 

  • Expertise in caring for developing mouths – The first visits with your little one are about getting you and your child comfortable with our office. We also equip you with the knowledge of how to clean baby teeth and gums properly. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and to advise on good habits and tooth-friendly nutrition
  • Consistent, proactive “check-ups” – All patients, regardless of age 6 or 60, should see us at least twice a year. These six-month visits involve removing stubborn plaque from the teeth and at the gumline. This “tartar” can only be removed with professional tools and techniques. Dr. Kolli also uses her keen eye and know-how to detect problems at their earliest stages, when simple adjustments to home care can make a big difference. For what cannot be seen with the eyes alone, Dr. Kolli enlists the “help” of advanced diagnostic technologies

The above approaches help us to protect the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Tooth loss and the need for costly and extensive restorative dental work are avoided. However, should treatment be necessary, we have a wide range of options to get you back to feeling and “being” your healthy best. Dr. Kolli also provides an array of cosmetic dentistry services. 

We provide truly comprehensive dentistry services for the whole family. Call SouthFork Dental to schedule your appointments today at 972-544-5446 (Irving, TX) or 469-535-6939 (Plano/Frisco, TX).

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