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Choose a dentist skilled in every aspect of the dental implant process in Irving, TX

As the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the United States, as well as one of the country’s most populous metros, DFW offers many first-rate cultural, sports, entertainment, and recreational amenities. We also benefit from some of the finest health care providers in the country. 

Dr. Bindu Kolli understands you have many dentists to choose from in the metroplex. But not all these dentists boast the specialized training and capabilities to handle every step in the process of replacing your teeth with dental implants. As a dentist who performs implant procedures in Irving TX, Dr. Kolli of South Fork Dental completed training in Implant related procedures and performing the implant-related procedures since 2007. When the day comes that the implant must be placed in your jaw, she does not have to refer you out to a costly specialist that you do not know (and that doesn’t know your case). Since all capabilities including 3D cone-beam X-Ray in-house, Dr. Kolli and South Fork Dental provide the most convenient, cost-effective, seamless, no-hassle, and stress-free process of rebuilding your teeth from the root up.

The implants process largely involves examining your mouth to further determine if implants are right for you; mapping out the exact locations of each implant using advanced diagnostics (such as high-resolution 3D images); preparing the jawbone to accept each implant (as needed) with procedures like grafting, and the actual placement of the implant in the bone. Afterward, the prosthetics that are designed to restore your smile are placed on top of the implant. These options may include implant-supported crowns, bridges, etc.

From examination and precision planning to placement and restorations, Dr. Kolli is equipped to handle it all! 

Additionally, she works closely with patients to minimize the risks of implant failures, which are typically caused by peri-implantitis. This form of inflammation develops around the implant and can be prevented in much the same way gum disease is prevented: with great, consistent home hygiene and regular visits to the Irving, TX office of South Fork Dental. 

The implants process is not as involved as you might think. There is a waiting period as the implant joins to the surrounding bone in the weeks and months after placement; however, the actual placement of the implant is straightforward and well-tolerated with a little numbing anesthetic or mild and safe sedative.

To find out more about the ease of the process at South Fork Dental, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kolli. Call the Irving office at 469-535-6939.

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