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Children’s dentist in Plano, TX builds healthy smiles for life

You know we’re serious about kids when an entire section on this website is dedicated to the youngest mouths! Many aspects of our two Dallas-Fort Worth area offices were designed with children in mind; for instance, we have a dedicated area where kids can play while they wait. As a mother herself, your children’s dentist in Plano TX, Dr. Bindu Kolli, emphasizes showing rather than telling. In fact, the less that you can say about the visit, the better. We want your child to think of going to the dentist as “no big deal.” Sometimes, too much preparation can make the child anxious, which would be at odds with what needs to happen – children need to view dental visits as normal, a way of life, and an aspect of staying healthy that they welcome.

A serious mission in a fun environment

Children's Dentist at SouthFork Dental in Plano TX Area

Children are not born with fear. Dental apprehension or anxiety develops over time. Studies have found that many adults who are scared to go to the dentist became that way after they had a negative experience at the dentist’s office in early childhood. That is why it is so critical for Southfork Dental to create positive experiences.

Small things can go a long way to create positive associations with the dentist’s office; toys and games keep your child occupied and are fun. Cartoons in the treatment room are entertaining distractions. Counting teeth and showing ways toothbrushes can keep teeth sparkly get kids excited about taking care of their mouths, and they also serve as an engaging way to teach kids the importance of proper care in their formative years. Much of what we do in the early years is about instilling the habits that are excellent for oral health and exceptional for overall wellness.

If your child is anxious about the visit, nitrous oxide is safe for patients across the age spectrum. This “security blanket” is also helpful should your child be fidgety, or if we anticipate a long or complex procedure. We can also help your child avoid the need for complex treatments with the likes of:

  • Dental sealants – A “raincoat” for decay-prone back teeth, these thin and safe coverings prevent food from getting trapped in the grooved and pitted surfaces of molars.
  • Custom mouth guards – If your child plays sports, Dr. Kolli may recommend that dental appliances be made to fit his or her mouth. When worn during these activities, your child’s teeth and jaws are protected from damage caused by sports-related injuries.

These and other preventive services may be discussed during your child’s appointment; routine check-ups and cleanings are the foundation of great oral health. To schedule, call the Plano office at 469-535-6939. Southfork Dental also has offices in Irving and Plano, TX that might be more conveniently located to work, daycare, school, or home. Call 972-544-5446 (Irving) or 469-535-6939 (Plano).

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