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Turn to the dentist in Plano, Texas who knows your family for proactive dental care

Many oral health problems have a genetic component. Likewise, many inherited medical problems can also put patients at increased risk of developing dental disease. As the destination for family dental expertise in Plano Texas, Dr. Bindu Kolli and the team at Southfork Dental get to know generations of families. So, they are aware of medical histories and risk factors that might be passed from senior to junior. This relationship-based approach means they are best equipped to anticipate potential problems, proactively addressing them before they wreak havoc on your mouth, body, and wellbeing.

Tooth decay

Researchers have found the development of cavities in early childhood is strongly influenced by the mother’s health and obesity, alongside other risk factors: the consumption of sugar-containing soft drinks and inadequate oral hygiene. Studies have also identified several genes related to caries, and which play roles in tooth mineralization, enamel hardness, and plaque formation.

Gum disease

Like caries, gum disease (or periodontal disease) is complex and associated with multiple factors. The development of gingivitis and periodontitis has more of a direct link with overall health. So, risk factors such as smoking and comorbidities (like diabetes) can contribute significantly to gum inflammation.  

Oral cancer

As with other cancers, oral cancer is a genetic disease; however, certain habits and behaviors can put you at heightened risk of developing cancer on the inside of the mouth, tongue, gums, and lips. The good news is oral cancer has a high rate of successful treatment when it is detected and treated early. During routine visits, Dr. Kolli screens for abnormalities and discusses any changes that might indicate the presence of cancer for early, effective intervention.


Young Couple on White Background at Southfork Dental in Plano Texas Are

Just as with the color of your eyes or your stature, you can also inherit structural features that influence the relationship between your teeth and jaws, or your bite. If a family member has extra teeth, uneven spacing, or alignment problems, chances are, you will have similar problems. Functional appliances, exercises, and other early treatments can help you or a loved one avoid problems that require more extensive restorative procedures later.

Medical conditions that affect oral health

Some of the most common conditions can affect oral health, and they tend to run in families. Knowing this, we will monitor changes to your overall health as well as changes to your teeth and gums. Diabetes, kidney disease, and hypertension (and the medications used to treat them) are connected to wide-ranging oral health challenges, including swollen gums, bad breath, and cavities. Dr. Kolli may even be on the front lines of detecting systemic problems; for instance, when your kidneys cannot filter toxins normally, you may notice persistent halitosis or a metallic taste.

Dr. Kolli has made it easy for families to get the consistent care they need. We schedule back-to-back appointments for your convenience. Call the Plano office of Southfork Dental at 469-535-6939.

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