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Emergency Dentist in Irving, TX Stresses the Important of Having an Emergency Dentist You Can Turn To

You suddenly find yourself in a dental emergency that could seriously compromise your long-term oral health and you don’t know what to do. Your dentist doesn’t offer emergency services and you don’t know of a nearby clinic that can take you immediately. This sounds stressful, doesn’t it? When you find yourself in an already terrible situation, the last thing you need is the added stress of figuring out what to do next. Dr. Bindu Kolli at Southfork Dental understands this and offers emergency dental services to patients in the Irving, TX area who are in urgent need.

The Importance of Having an Emergency Dentist

When you find yourself in a dental emergency due to something like an accident or sports injury, the injury incurred could pose a danger to your long-term oral health. If you find yourself in a position where you cannot meet with an emergency dentist promptly, you may be risking permanent tooth loss. Losing a tooth is no small matter either as it can alter the physical appearance of your face, affect the ability to properly brush and floss, cause other teeth to shift, or even result in a loss of jawbone. These are all long-term problems that can be avoided if you have an emergency dentist that you can reach out to for immediate treatment during a dental crisis. Prompt treatment will go a long way in making sure you avoid any long-term damage that could prove costly.

Emergency Dentistry Is Not Just for Tooth Loss

Many patients assume that an emergency dentist is only needed when a situation arises that could result in the loss of a tooth. While the potential for tooth loss is certainly something that you will need an emergency dentist for, this is not the only situation that can benefit. There are several other situations that are appropriate for emergency dental work. If you have had dental work done that has become damaged, this may be a reason to receive emergency dental attention. Examples of this include if you have a dental brace that has become damaged or if you have a crown that has suddenly broken. Receiving emergency dental care to correct these issues may prevent additional dental problems from happening. An emergency dentist can correct the dental work while minimizing your pain.

Avoid the Emergency Room

Many people who are experiencing tremendous tooth or gum pain or who have experienced some form of trauma to the mouth will mistakenly head straight to the hospital emergency room. To many, this is the perfectly logical choice. The truth, though, is that the personnel at an emergency room lack the skills and necessary tools to provide the necessary dental care and treatment. An emergency dentist, on the other hand, is prepared for a dental emergency and have all the specialized dental instruments and trained personnel required to make sure that you are cared for properly.

What Qualifies as A Dental Emergency?

Patients can often have a difficult time knowing what kind of situations require emergency treatment and what can wait for a regular dental appointment. Hopefully, you do not ever find yourself in this situation and your dentist will be able to address any dental issues, emergency or not, on time. However, this is not always the case. Because of this, it is important to be able to differentiate between what would be deemed an emergency and what is not. Tooth and gum soreness are not something that would be recognized as a dental emergency but, if the pain becomes severe, you should call your dentist immediately for evaluation. Situations that would be considered dental emergencies would include:

  • Significant tooth damage
  • A partially or fully knocked-out tooth
  • A lost filling
  • A broken or lost crown
  • Significant bleeding of the mouth
  • Injury to the tongue, lips, or cheeks

If you are uncertain if your situation is an emergency, it is important to be cautious and reach out to your emergency dentist to explain the situation and receive recommended next steps. You don’t want a dental emergency to go untreated. Receiving a prompt and effective treatment will prevent or alleviate harsh pain, preserve any knocked out or damaged teeth, and make your life a whole lot easier.

Dr. Bindu Kolli wants you to know that you can call Southfork Dental in Irving, TX for any dental emergency. Even if you are not sure that what you are experiencing is a dental emergency, call anyway so that you don’t risk any long-term threats to your oral health. Please call (972) 544-5446 with any concerns you may have.

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