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Sink into the benefits of mouthguards custom-made by your dentist in Irving, TX

Advances in dental science and technologies have resulted in a new category of treatments at the dentist’s office: oral appliance therapy. These appliances are made from durable materials that are designed to fit your mouth precisely. They often resemble retainers that are used to prevent teeth that have been repositioned with braces from shifting out of alignment, or the orthodontic appliance itself (case in point: Invisalign aligners). However, these oral appliances are designed differently and serve different functions than orthodontic devices. They are referred to as “guards” — nightguards, mouthguards, or snore guards.

Custom-made mouthguards in Irving, TX at the office of Southfork Dental fit well and comfortably, last a long time, and are a great value due to their effectiveness and durability. Dr. Bindu Kolli designs these appliances to protect your teeth and jaws from damage sustained during contact sports, as an alternative to one-size-fits-all or “boil and bite” mouthguards that aren’t designed to appropriately protect you from sports-related dental and jaw injuries, or cuts to the lips, tongue, and face. Researchers have also found the use of mouthguards minimizes the risk of concussion, and mouthguard wear is reportedly linked to less severe concussions.

Also, Dr. Kolli employs the same level of skill, attention to detail, and quality materials in the design of nightguards to protect your teeth from damage caused by teeth-grinding when you sleep and snore guards that reposition the jaw and keep the throat open. So, appliances that reposition oral tissues and ease the pressure caused by teeth-grinding, can relieve symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, and some cases of sleep-disordered breathing.

Perform to the fullest!

Perform to the Fullest of Custom-made Mouthguards at Southfork Dental in Irving, Tx Area

The professional mouthguards available at Southfork Dental are made to your unique specifications, from molds (or impressions) of your mouth. The fit makes all the difference. Customized mouthguards allow for you to breathe comfortably when they are in, which means you are more likely to wear this protective gear. They are also resilient and resist wear and tear, which is particularly important when you are on the court, field, diamond, or pitch. When you partner with Dr. Kolli, you or your student-athlete also benefits from mouthguards that are:

  • Compact and portable, for easy transport
  • Simple to clean
  • Unobtrusive; you can speak clearly with them in
  • Inexpensive to care for, do not require any special products

Dr. Kolli regularly evaluates the condition of the mouthguard. With time and as children grow, it may be necessary to create a new, precision-fitted mouthguard.

Avoid traumatic and costly injuries. Call 469-535-6939 to schedule your appointment at Southfork Dental’s office in Irving, TX.

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